Aragon (ANT)    @aragonproject
Aragon lets you manage and govern entire organizations using the blockchain.
CEO NameLuis Cuende
Year Founded2016
Founders CountrySpain
Registration CountryEstonia
Number of Employees5-15
ICO Start5/17/2017
ICO End5/17/2017
Token TypeERC20

Tokens Distribution

Total Supply39,609,523 ANT
Initial Circulating Supply33,605,167 ANT
Circulating Supply33,605,167 ANT
% in Circulation84.84%
Initial Token Price.01 ETH
Market CapTotal Supply x ANT price
Circulating CapCirculating supply x ANT price
Foundation Worth.15 x ANT price
Type of RaiseUncapped, but with a hidden cap + hard cap for security
Amount Raised275,000 ETH USD
Number of Participating Addresses2403
Presale % Allocation
Token Function
  • Change subscription fees and minting rate
  • Decide which services to provide
  • Vote on capital allocations or investments
  • Self-upgrade the Network
  • All other voting and governance decisions
Inflation MethodNone, but total supply will be constant only until the AN (Aragon Network) is deployed. From then on, ANG (AN governance) will decide the monetary policy and inflation rate going forward.
ICO Service Providers

Key Vesting Dates

Aug 13, 2017Presale and advisors cliff, 50% vested
Nov 11, 2017Presale and advisors fully vested
Nov 11, 2017Founders cliff, 25% vested
May 17, 2019Founders fully vested


Luis Cuende - Project Lead
Jorge Izquierdo - Tech Lead


Jake Brukhman - Cofounder of CoinFund
Kenny Rowe - COO of Dai Foundation
Brayton Williams - Founding Partner at Boost VC
Mihai Alisie - Cofounder of Ethereum, Founder of AKASHA