eos.io    @eos_io
Open source platform for scalable, decentralized applications (dApp). EOS will compete with Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Waves, and Lisk platforms.
CEO NameBrandon Blumer
Year Founded2016
Founders CountryUnited States
Registration CountryCayman Islands
Crowdsale Siteeos.io
Number of Employees15-50
ICO Start6/27/2017
ICO End6/1/2018
Token TypeERC20

Tokens Distribution

Total Supply1,000,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply
Circulating Supply230,250,511
% in Circulation23
Initial Token Price1.03
Market Cap
Circulating Cap
Foundation Worth
Type of Raiseuncapped
Amount Raised USD
Number of Participating Addresses
Presale % Allocation
Token Function
  • EOS token holders vote for the block producers, which mine blocks and decide on major events in the EOS ecosystem.
Inflation MethodPlatform will have up to 5% annual inflation to reward block producers and dApps.
ICO Service Providers

Key Vesting Dates

White PaperWhite Paper


Brendan Blumer
Daniel Larimer
Brock Pierce
Ian Grigg