Lampix (PIX)    @lampix_co
Lampix Token ("PIX")
CEO NameGeorge Popescu
Year Founded2015
Founders CountryUnited States
Registration CountryUnited States
Number of Employees5-15
ICO Start8/9/2017
ICO End8/18/2017
Token TypeERC20
SectorCloud Computing

Tokens Distribution

Total Supply1100000000
Initial Circulating Supply550000000
Circulating Supply550000000
% in Circulation0.5
Initial Token Price$0.12 USD / 1 PIX
Market Cap
Circulating Cap
Foundation Worth
Type of Raisecapped
Amount Raised USD
Number of Participating Addresses
Presale % Allocation
Token Function
Inflation MethodFixed Supply
ICO Service Providers

Key Vesting Dates

White PaperWhite Paper


George Popescu
Mihai Dumitrescu


Joe Zhou
James Haft
Catherine Barba
Lior Zysman
Rich Alterman
Mike Mazier
Gilad Woltsovitch
Daniel Temkin
Simon Leger
Pavel Kapelnikov
Lenny Valdberg
Igor Kapelnikov