Po.et (POE)

po.et    _poetproject
Po.et is a shared, open, universal ledger designed to record metadata ownership for digital creative assets
CEO NameTyler Evans
Year Founded2017
Founders CountryUnited States
Registration CountrySingapore
Crowdsale Sitepo.et/token
Number of Employees5-15
ICO Start8/8/2017
ICO End9/5/2017
Token TypeERC20

Tokens Distribution

Total Supply3,141,592,653
Initial Circulating Supply68% of total = 2,136,283,004
Circulating Supply68% of total = 2,136,283,004
% in Circulation100
Initial Token Price.01248 USD
Market Cap
Circulating Cap
Foundation Worth
Type of RaiseCapped
Amount Raised10,00,000 USD
Number of Participating AddressesDependent on popularity of the sale
Presale % Allocation10%
Token Function
  • 1. To bootstrap the network effects of Po.et by creating a community of engaged, invested stakeholders and publishers
  • 2. To raise funds for the long-term development of the Po.et Foundation
  • 3. To provide a mechanism to incentivize and reward early adopters and positive contributions to the Po.et network
Inflation MethodNone, all tokens are pre-mined
ICO Service ProvidersZerion

Key Vesting Dates


Esteban Richter - Architect
Konstantin Richter - Parnterships/Biz Dev
Pat Riley - Head of Product
Lautaro - Technical Lead
Max Bronstein - Media & Strategy Lead
Jeremy Kandah - Chief Token Strategist
Jill Richmond - Marketing & Communications


Bo Shen - Fenbushi Capital
Anthony Di Iorio - Jaxx
David Bailey - BTC inc
Richard Titus - Razorfish, Samsung
Steven Dakh - Smartwallet
David Lee - Block Assets
Jeremy Gardner - Augur, Blockchain Capital
James Heckman - Maven
Greg Clayman - Viacom, Fox, Vimeo
Jeff Garzik - Bloq
Adam Levine - Let's Talk Bitcoin
Matthew Roszak - Bloq
James Gong - ChainB
Adam Helfgott - Madhive
Simon Dixon - Bnktothefuture