TokenStars (ACE)    @tokenstars
TokenStars is the first blockchain company to tokenize massive celebrities' careers. It aims to provide funding and promotion resources to rising stars by decentralizing the talent management industry. Starting with ACE tokens for the tennis vertical, TokenStars plans to expand: football, poker, basketball, hockey, actors, musicians, and models.
CEO NamePavel Stukolov
Year Founded2017
Founders CountryRussia
Registration CountryBVI
Number of Employees5-15
ICO Start8/24/2017
ICO End10/24/2017
Token TypeERC20
SectorTalent Management

Tokens Distribution

Total Supply
Initial Circulating Supply99,000,000
Circulating Supply165,000,000
% in Circulation30
Initial Token Price0.00009 BTC
Market Cap
Circulating Cap
Foundation Worth
Type of Raiseuncapped
Amount Raised USD
Number of Participating Addresses
Presale % Allocation20%
Token Function
  • The token is the sole means of payment on the network.
  • The token is needed to pay fees.
  • Token holders can choose a role: scout (finding, assessing, contracting), promoter (PR, attracting fans, sponsors), analyst. Analysts are all token holders including scouts and promoters, they vote for signing contracts with players, assigning promoters and heads of scouts in case of substitution…
Inflation MethodFixed supply
ICO Service ProvidersICO Box (platform) A-Tak (PR) NSP (legal)

Key Vesting Dates

White paperWhite paper


Pavel Stukolov
Irina Shashkina
Anton Vdovin


Anastasia Myskina
Sergey Demekhine
Maya Kurilova
Elena Masolova
Ksenia Chabanenko
Alexander Stratilatov