u.cash    @udotcash
U.CASH allows cash to digital currency conversions through retail locations paired with software which gives users access to financial services which are similar to those offered by traditional banks and more.
CEO NameAgeesen Sri
Year Founded2017
Founders CountryCanada
Registration CountryCanada
Crowdsale Siteu.cash/ibo.html
Number of Employees15-50
ICO Start9/8/2017
ICO End11/8/2017
Token TypeERC20, Bitcoin, Waves + Others
SectorAsset Management
IndustryFinancial Services

Tokens Distribution

Total Supply21,000,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply8,500,000,000
Circulating Supply10,500,000,000
% in Circulation50
Initial Token Price0.01
Market Cap
Circulating Cap
Foundation Worth
Type of RaiseCapped
Amount Raised USD
Number of Participating Addresses
Presale % Allocation40%
Token Function
  • Payment of fees and access to network
Inflation MethodProof of Working (Must do work to gain tokens)
ICO Service Providers

Key Vesting Dates


Ageesen Sri, Brian Phan, Sina Kachooie, Antoine De Vuyst, Kyle Kemper,


William Mougayar, Manie Eagar, Dr. Jane Thomason, Loretta Joseph, Lynn Nguyen, Amber Scott, Daniel Houseley, Shyaam Sundhar, Chami Akmeemana, Marlon Neil